Boarding at It's the Cat's Meow - Reservations are simple and convenient
Boarding reservations can be made by our online booking system, by phone or in person. Our cat boarders stay in our secure, comfortable and bright suites.
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It’s The Cat’s Meow boards only cats.

  • You have a choice of 48 large multi level suites. With lots of room to play, your active cats can climb and be perched up high to survey their surroundings. While providing exercise, these suites are also designed as a protected area so your cat feels safe and comfortable.
  • It’s The Cat’s Meow also provides double, family and adjoining suites for inseparable cat pairs and pet groups so companionship is maintained, just like home. For elderly cats or cats not comfortable jumping up and down, we offer one-level cozy bungalows.
  • Our boarders will be thrilled with the dedicated play area, with every nook and cranny built to delight and amuse. Staff are always mindful of your pets needs for a solitary playtime or the desire to hang out with friends during the day.
Cat hiding in a collection of blankets.

Tell us what your cat likes to do
and we’ll make sure your request is
included in their daily activity.

Our space is cleaned using veterinary cleaning products to thoroughly disinfect. Cleanliness is our forté and we’re proud of it!

We respect your cat’s specific needs. When cats are climatized to their new environment and ready for socialization, they get petting and lap time.

Unlike “pet” boarding services, sensitive cats don’t have to go through a line of dog cages to get to their space.

Our Cat Guests stay in our secure, comfortable and bright suites. Food and water in our spacious suites are always available and accommodations come with soft bedding and litter boxes. Our play area has an outside view and is complete with cat trees, scratching posts, multiple ledges, bridges at all levels for climbing, jumping, investigating or just chilling.

Online Booking

Reservations can be made by our online booking system,
by phone or in person at It’s The Cat’s Meow.
Advanced bookings for holidays and long weekends are recommended. 


We accept cash, Debit/Interac, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX.




What to bring and what not to bring.


We do not encourage disrupting your cat’s diet; therefore it is recommended that their own food be supplied during their stay. Please label your container/bag with your cat’s name and feeding instructions. It’s always a good idea to bring more food than needed. Cats are typically more active here than at home, so sometimes we may adjust their food if needed. We will take detailed instructions on the quantity and frequency of your pet’s diet and serve meals accordingly.


If your pet runs out of food while boarding with us, we will purchase the same brand and the cost of picking up the food plus the cost of the food will be added to your invoice.

Bedding and Toys

Having something familiar that smells like home often helps to make cats feel more secure. If you chose to bring along select items from home, please ensure the item is labeled with your name, they are reasonably sized and can be laundered or washed easily.

Medication and Supplements

Our staff is always available and comfortable administering medications to your pet. This service costs $2.00 per administration and $3.00 for injections and staff will confirm the dosage, frequency and duration of administration with you. All medications should be clearly labelled with your pet’s name, your name and dosage requirements and if possible in the original packaging. Ideally it would be helpful to know the reason your pet is taking the medication. Please be prepared with your veterinarian’s contact information.

Health Check

Any cat requiring veterinary attention during its stay will be taken to the owner’s veterinarian where possible. In other circumstances, our own on-call veterinarian will be contacted. Any minor procedure will be done. All costs incurred are at the owner’s expense. We suggest you leave instructions and a credit card number with your vet.  This would be particularly noteworthy if you are travelling out of country, if you are unreachable by phone or if your cat is elderly (over 13 years).  Please ensure a contact person/yourself or a decision maker is reachable by the vet when you are away.  This person should be able to make decisions and pay the veterinarian.

Vaccination and Identity Records

Please bring/fax/email your pet’s up-to-date vaccination records and an updated picture of your cat. Required vaccines are Rabies and the FVRCP. Alternatively we do accept yearly titre test results. Please note that vaccines should be given 7-10 days prior to your visit to be effective.


At present the Feline Leukemia vaccine is not a requirement for your pet boarding with us. We advise that you discuss the matter with your veterinarian, especially if the pet has been raised in a cattery or the history is unknown.

Litter and Box

Some cats can be very particular about the size, shape and texture of their litter and litter box. If your cat would prefer to have the same litter box and or litter, you are more than welcome to bring it along. Also make sure we are aware of any particulars of your cat’s litter habits.  


To ensure the safety of your cat, please bring your cat in a carrier. If you do not have one, please advise us in advance and we will be happy to lend you one.  


Please review this WAIVER to understand your responsibilities when boarding your cat. You will be asked to sign this when dropping off your pet.


Please do not bring food and water dishes. We will provide these for sanitary reasons.

Daily Boarding Rates

Single condos (one cat)


 Double Condo or Suite


Deluxe Suite


Additional cat sharing same suite/same family: $5.00/night

Monthly Boarding

30 day rates receive a
10% discount

Extended Boarding

30+1 day rates receive a
15% discount

Credit card numbers will be kept on file for cats requiring extended boarding.


You’re welcome to drop off or pick up your cat or kitten or visit our facility any time during regular business hours. If you pick up before 12pm you will not be charged for the day.


We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. We do not accept cheques. Payment must be made before we release pets at pickup time.


We require the WAIVER be signed upon arrival. Although we are committed to providing the highest level of care for your cat, minimizing risk, incidents can occur.


Reservations can be made via our online booking system, by phone, or at our facility. Advanced bookings for holidays and long weekends are highly recommended.


Mon-Fri: 6:30am–6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am–6:00pm

Sunday & Statutory Holidays: 11:00am–4:00pm